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Free 5 Day Training Reveals...
How To Align Your Goals With Your Soul To Design A Life You Love, WITHOUT Repeating Sabotage Patterns That Have Kept You Stuck
(even if you don't have a clue where to start or worry you may not get what you want)
Kicks Off Monday 8th - Friday 12th January
Ready to stop "wishing" you could create what you secretly want, and finally MASTER HOW TO MANIFEST so you can have the experiences you desire, FEEL happy and give yourself the freedom you've been longing for?
Secret #1
Why what you've been taught about goals... is what's keeping you from what you really want...
Secret #2
How when I made this ONE KEY SHIFT it made ALL the difference to me getting what I deeply desire.
Secret #3
Discover what is the number one RESOURCE that you need to succeed at manifesting more of what you want.
Grab your manifesting wand because starting MONDAY, January 8th
I'm shining a light for FREE on...
  •  The sacred way to guarantee you have a clear dream in mind BEFORE you take any action.
  •  The ONE THING that keeps you from manifesting what you want, and how to do 'it' instead.
  •  The 7 "sins" of manifesting which will keep you stuck, and how to "forgive" them
  •  How with this ONE TOOL you will raise your consciousness and your vibration to match the frequency of that which you are asking for.
  •  Identifying the "energy blocks" in your desires that make it difficult for the Universe to give you what you wish you want.
How to get unstuck & out of the mental fog, because... 
Clarity is Power. 
Alignment is Alchemy!
Create from your heart & soul first and allow your dreams to manifest with speed with this ONE key thing.
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Because when you feel internally balanced, your vibration shifts to match that which you are asking for...
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Snag your spot TODAY and I'll also send you my ENERGY TRACKER so you can 
crank up your energy to manifest more of what you want at warp speed!
Hello Beautiful Soul Sister, 
I'm Katie Joy "The Global Butterfly"
I'm master manifestor and an empath, once wounded now in my awakened state. I'm an intuitive Psychic, also known as a "Seer"... but while I have always had psychic "gifts" I'm strong in all the "Clair's" since I aligned with my authentic self. I use these gifts to help enlighten and empower hundreds of women, just like you, along your journey to a "return to home" as you wake up to your personal truth.

I retired at 32 from my career as a Paramedic in 2008 fully funded from my goal to retire (as a millionaire with a multiple six-figure a year passive income) through real estate investments. I'd also self published a cookbook "Creative Food Gluten Free: Everyday Meals & Entertaining" and begun my online journey in 2006, which I continued after I transitioned from my medical career and travelled the world full-time between 2008 - 2012. During those years I invested heavily (to the tune of almost $500,000) in my "University of Life" meeting and learning from dozens of amazing mentors all over the world. 

My travels and spirit led me to 7 continents and 52 countries, diving deeper into studies in the realms of Spiritual Learning, Personal Mastery, Business, Online Marketing, Healing techniques, and of course... plenty of worldly adventures (and misadventures!)

After fulfilling many of my dreams, I returned to Australia and inspired by several of my mentors I began study as a Chiropractor. And while I loved it, I realised very quickly that I was being called for a role more as a "spiritual chiropractor" to help people, particularly women. 

My purpose is to align women like you, to reconnect with your intuition, and live out your soul's purpose, using and sharing your gifts.

In this program I introduce you to the key pillars to 
Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams...

Are you ready to stop settling for what you really want & instead become a Master Manifestor?
Client Love

Laura Trimble

"I was referred to Katie's 5 Day challenge by my cousin Louise and the whole experience was amazing. I felt calm and relaxed then I ever was and it got me thinking in a whole new way. I am a person who is my worst critic and with Katie's help from our one to one balance call I am unlocking new programmes for me and releasing old patterns. The work Katie does is beautiful and I have never experienced anything like it. I am on the road to a better me. Thank you Katie 💖"

Sonya Springer

"I absolutely LOVE what I have been able to accomplish working with Katie Joy. I am so very thankful our paths crossed. I have a lot of amazing in my life and Katie Joy helped me find that amazing within myself. My quality of life (as well as my husband's) has substantially improved since working with Katie Joy. I highly recommend Katie Joy."

Michele Lee Capra

"I recently took part in Katie's free 5 day program. I have been a participant in many programs over the years (both online and face to face) and went in thinking nothing would really knock my socks off, even with the recommendation from my friend. That belief was soon altered as my first contact with Katie was with a balance call I booked on registration. All in all a truly unique and invaluable experience that I too highly recommend to any woman, no matter where you are in life's journey."
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