Client Love
Impossible to exaggerate just how powerful this course [Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams (The Awakened Woman Program)] is - you're guaranteed to come away with a new perspective on your life, new tools for getting stuff done and creating opportunities, and you'll have had a lot of laughs along the way. Not to be missed, truly...
Eugenie Verney
I was referred to Katie's 5 Day challenge by my cousin Louise and the whole experience was amazing. I felt calm and relaxed then I ever was and it got me thinking in a whole new way. I am a person who is my worst critic and with Katie's help from our one to one balance call I am unlocking new programmes for me and releasing old patterns. The work Katie does is beautiful and I have never experienced anything like it. I am on the road to a better me. Thank you Katie.
Laura Trimble
Offaly, Ireland
Katie is excellent at what she does. I have done the 5 day challenge and had amazing results. You will be blown away by what Katie teaches.
Louise Trimble O'Conner
Carlow, Ireland
From SPAIN...
I have just completed my 2nd 5 Day Challenge with Katie Joy. Prior to this I had my first balance call. She has guided me from a complete unmotivated mess not being able to function on a day to day basis in the 'normal' sense of the word, to believing that improvement IS possible and that I have the power to change the downward spiral that I was on. I signed up for the 16 week next level training straight after the 1st 5 Days, and because of this am benefiting from the early bird bonuses, which have been like stepping stones supporting me each day.
Kathy Hector
"I have had the pleasure of working with Katie Joy for quite awhile now. Katie has opened up a whole new world for me. I cannot put into words how much Katie has helped me dig really deep to unlock and allow the real me to start to shine. Katie has a unique talent that I have not come across before. I feel very blessed to have come across Katie"
Dianne Elson
Townsville, Qld. AUSTRALIA
"Katie Joy has turned my life around! she is an absoloutely amazing life stratagist, straight to the point and spot on everytime! Do yourself the favour and take one of her life changing courses! You will not regret it!"
Nadine Schaefer
"Buddha says "What you are is what you have been; what you will be is what you do now." I had read and heard this saying many times before, but only after being on Katie's program, my heart was open for the message. I was the procrastinating queen, dreaming up and planning all sorts of fantastic journeys and goals, but not moving towards those goals, because, to me they didn't seem perfect yet. Katie taught me the most important lesson: Taking daily small (imperfect action) steps will bring instant change and lead to my goals in the end. Don't wait for the perfect time or big signs, just get up and go, the small signs leading the way, are there already. Trust your instinct and go for it. Thank you Katie for your amazing program and thank you to all the loving soul sisters in the group."
Sylvia Schaefer
Balance Call Testimonials...
This Is Always The NEXT THING That Everyone Asks Me About... 
"Katie, how do I get to have a 1-on-1 Belief Balance call with you that everyone is talking about?"
Debbie Belnavis-Brimble
Seema Bux
Helen Povey
Marcia Miatke
Sonya Springer
Béatrice Gognuz
"I've done multiple programs with Katie Joy and honestly don't know where I'd be without them. I have manifested more than I could imagine and my emotional state is amazing. I feel like I am thriving despite some really challenging circumstances in my personal life. I know that all these experiences are serving my growth. While I knew this on a deeper level, doing these programs have helped me reconnect with this knowing on a more consistent basis. Since started her programs last year I manifested my dream house (literally), co-authored an international best-selling book, attracted and booked my first coaching client, and the list goes on but most importantly, I FEEL LIKE I AM IN MY POWER!!! I AM A MANIFESTING QUEEN!! Thank you so much Katie Joy, Love you to bits!!!"
Marcia Miatke
"I came across Katie Joy on FB. What she shared really resonated with me. I joined up on a 5 day free challenge with her and loved it. so after that I joined up with her 16 week momentum challenge. Katie is a beautiful awakened Soul and her heart is out to help and share with women to rise up and find who they really can be."
Rose Herrera
"Katie - I am SO loving this course! Your structure and flow through this mind-blowing stuff is amazing - and gets better and better! As always I am blown away from meeting all of these amazing women - and seeing them step into their power. 

I am lucky enough to say I LOVE my life....

I am lucky... I am aware that 'luck' is a pattern."
Gerlinde Watson
From USA...
"My experience working with Katie Joy has been phenomenal thus far. I have experienced 3 other mentors in my life during very challenging circumstances and they actually held me back. Katie and her programs however are extraordinarily satisfactory in my journey. I have netted more personal progress in a small 5 day program of hers than all my mentors put together. Now I'm experiencing massive momentum in her next level program that I'm loving! 
I believe it's due to her authenticity, knowledge and skills and true desire to help others succeed and be independent and live their dreams. The more effort you put into her programs, the more you will net. It's up to you to follow the steps on the golden path. Learn to step into your power one shift at a time. Thank you Katie!"
Kimberley Mahurin
Oregon, USA
From New Zealand...
I have participated in Katie's most recent 5 Day Challenge Program. It has been such an amazing supportive community of women and really pushes you to view yourself objectively; your thought patterns and how you limit your goals by focusing on lack. Thank you so much Katie from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through these huge shifts I've had in just 5 days. I'm looking forward to working more with you in the future.
Monique Barry
Pukenui, New Zealand
From USA...
Katie has a way of speaking to your heart. She is very authentic and makes you feel so very comfortable. She has a lovely way of opening up your past and sometimes without even realising it, helping you to go very very deep to experience lots of "ah-ha!" moments lighting the pathway for us!
Debbie Belnavis-Brimble
Florida, USA
From USA...
I am launching a business, and Katie has come at the exact right time for me! I want to make sure I'm not self-sabotaging and that I am generating my business from a place of love with the intent to change lives. Katie has helped me to set myself on this path through energy realignment and making sure I'm saying the right things to myself. I recommend any of her offerings; you get such a life changing value from what she does.
Denise Slavinski
From USA...
Katie has a way of speaking to your heart. She is very authentic and makes you feel so very comfortable. She has a lovely way of opening up your past and sometimes without even realising it, helping you to go very very deep to experience lots of "ah-ha!" moments lighting the pathway for us!
Angela Corley Willis
Fort Worth, Texas USA
Katie is totally Amazing. She has a gift to really help people get out of their own way and live their best life. Tremendously grateful for her 5 day challenge and the many programs that give you the boost you need to let go and enjoy. Thank you Katie, you are filled with light and love.
Renee Braithwaite
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
From Leicester, UK..
I was invited to Katie Joy's 5 day programme by a close friend. I didn't know what to expect and if I'm honest went into it, a bit of  a sceptic. By day 3 I was sobbing - totally engaged and looking hard at what I wanted out of life and my energy shift was so evident my husband commented on it. I can highly recommend as she knows her stuff and it's real, not BS. Thank you for the safe space to explore the real me. Love and light x
Suzy Shamrock
Leicester, UK
From Helsinki, FINLAND
Before coaching with Katie I had tried to become better and better and educated myself to get That Job I wanted. I felt unhappy and stuck because I hadn't succeeded in that. I wondered what I had done wrong. 

The Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams program was a real eye opening experience for me: it made me realise there are other ways for me to create the life I desire.

I had enjoyed the support of our awesome circle of women and our mentor Katie. I knew it was exactly what I needed to move on so I joined her next level "Massive Momentum Mentoring" program.

When I started I still doubted if I am ever going to succeed. I had thought Katie would teach me how to do things properly but instead she showed me how to enjoy the journey! "Perfect is the lowest standard of all" really hit me!

I have been doing imperfect action and surprised myself seeing myself doing all the things I want. Now I know and feel in my heart that I will succeed and that I already have succeeded.
Päivi Pätsi
Helsinki, FINLAND
From North Carolina, USA
The "Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams" program isn't for those only sheepishly, half-heartedly looking to do some inward work. This program is fast and furious and jumps in the deep end to uncover what lies beneath. No time spent wading in the shallow end here! But like all things that may scare you, it's so worth it!

After participating in this program, I was ready for the next step, which is the "Massive Momentum Mentoring" program. Here, Katie guided me through a "deeper dive" and helped me get clear on intentions and goals. She worked to help me make some mindset/belief shifts that have allowed me to see my goals in a new and exciting light.

As a result of continued coaching with Katie, I feel my "dots" are more connected than ever, my heart is grateful for today, and my vision is laser focused for the future.

Katie's 1-on-1 calls are a highlight of the session and not to be entered lightly. I learned very early on that her ability to understand my balance needs meant I needed to allow the call to unfold as we needed it to, even if it's NOT what I have expected or thought I needed for the day. A very pleasantly surprising experience.

If you are feeling as though a piece is missing and you need help connecting the dots in order to live your best self, I recommend you connect with Katie!
Stephanie Sarazin Goetz
North Carolina, USA
You know you are part of something wonderful when you finish a call with your mentor beaming with excitement and love for yourself and others. What an amazing call with Katie Joy. 

Katie's approach is so versatile and eclectic. I have already spoken to so many of my friends about her program. Don't hesitate. Just send her an email or visit her Facebook Page, you won't be disappointed. 
Dee Miats
I was lucky enough to have a VIP call with Katie. I am so grateful for the experience. I didn't realise how much useless baggage I was carrying which has ultimately been holding me back from enjoying this beautiful life.
Alex Miliovojevic
From Australia...
I wanted to create a business but didn't know where to start and what steps to take. I remember asking for help.... the very next day a friend tagged me into a post about Katie's "Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams" (DYLLYD) Program [now included in "The Awakened Woman Program]. I had no idea what to expect from the program only that I felt drawn to participate. On the very first day I was so impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and motivation coming from Katie... 

By the end of the program... the growth and changes in each and every participant was undeniable. When Katie does one of her incredible balances on you (which I highly recommend) you will be in awe of how easily shifts, in long held beliefs, will be shifted in minutes. Katie is a gifted, inspiring, supportive, kind, caring and motivating mentor. I'm currently on my second Massive Momentum Mentoring Program and have completed three DYLLYD Programs with Katie Joy... with her help and guidance... my perceptions have changed... my focus is better, I ask myself empowering questions instead of negative self talk, I focus on GRATITUDE instead of what I don't have... so many positive changes and PERSONAL GROWTH. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie Joy!! 

YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU NEED... from the programs.
Robyn Scutella
From USA...
In just a fifteen-minute balance call with Katie, she was able to assist me in putting my body and soul back into alignment and gave me some actions to continue to do this on my own. Thank you Katie, for a wonderful experience!
Sara Halperin
Alexandria, VA USA
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

Katie is an insightful and gracious teacher, a giver of wisdom and a true goddess in her power. A gifted angel of "knowing." She has an amazing ability to give to the group that she is holding exactly what they need to hear! A truly mind blowing, spiritual altering experience! Keep being you Katie, you're amazing on so many levels. I am grateful that our energies have connected and I get to watch, share and learn from all your knowledge and wisdom. Namaste
Michelle Beasley
I initially spoke with Katie when I was feeling frustrated about my coaching business not getting results I knew I was capable of. I wanted to start leveraging my time and doing one to many work, instead of one to one. 

However I wasn't sure what to do. There was information overload when I searched online and nothing seemed to fit. Katie invited me to join her "Design your Life, Live Your Dreams" Program to see what's possible. 

During this program [and 1:1 coaching] I was given the framework I needed to create something pretty special. I'm only on my second round and already have over 70 participants registered - and that's without advertising!

This absolutely exceeded my expectations. However the best part is that I'm now reaching my target audience in a way that feels authentic. I know I'm on the right path as I've witnessed huge transformations with the participants in my group. 

Although it's still early days I am confident that this structure is the key that I was searching for. 

Thank you Katie for helping me to help others. xxx
Donna Preedy
"Every time I work with this amazing lady I take a new nugget away with me, a new learning, a new idea, a new resource. Katie delivers her teachings in such a personal way it is unlike any other, this is not straight out of the book teachings. Katie teaches from experience, knowledge and straight from her heart and soul to yours! The energy of these courses and the sacred safe space that is created is one where you can be so true with yourself, in order to break down the barriers and bad habits and replace them with love and light. I can't say thank you enough."
Nel Robertson
I have been working with Katie now since December (2016) and I have found her amazing. The content is always full, and easy to understand. Katie puts in 200% each and every video. Her one on one calls are always so helpful. I am blessed to have this chance to improve my life. Thanks to Katie,and I am looking forward to going to Bali and meeting her in person .Thank you Katie Joy .
Ellen Parkes
"I wanted to tell you that I had written down a few months ago an amount of money $5,000 to be exact that would be in my bank account by the end of Nov. That didn't happen so I changed the date to Dec 19th the day we leave [for NZ] and I now have $5,000 in my own bank account I have manifested it. Yippeeeee and so our year of uncertainty up and downs is ending on a real high. I am so grateful for that and your inspiration."
Bernie Rutland
"I just wanted to share that I have achieved a goal that I set [as a result of doing this program]. As of December 1, I will be a Thermomix team leader for Albury! I am so excited! (and shitting my pants a little )!

I also wanted to share that when I set this goal, that position didn't even exist. I feel like I completely manifested this into my reality. Previously, to take on this role, I would have had to move! And all this happened within my 'still amazing' time frame! 

Thanks Katie and everyone for all of your support and amazing shares. You've made this journey incredible."
Cara Smillie