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“She [Katie Joy] is the best kind of alien from the Planet Love."

“She talks to herself in the funniest way when doing 1:1 balances and her memory, or access to what’s in that mind of hers/universal knowing, is really f***ing amazing - the way she stacks things! she obviously knows and lives what she teaches - its the water she swims in .. the air that fills her lungs. SHE WALKS HER TALK.”

- Aimee Hanson, USA

“My experience of you Katie is one of gratitude and honour. ."

 "Thank you my sister. You are an inspiration and I love you immeasurably. Thank you for helping me on my path to fulfil my mission here on earth, to soar like an eagle, be me, be of service to self and others in love light and peace.

- Jordene Sydney, New Zealand

“My experience of Katie Joy is she is love and light.."

 "[She's an] energy force that is soulfully connected."

- Traci Scherck, USA

“What she delivers is always over my expectations."

"She makes us feel special. She knows how to make an impact.”

- Päivi Pätsi, Finland

"[Katie] doesn't just help you, you gives you the tools and guides you to show up and do the work for yourself. ."

“My experience of Katie Joy is she is wonder woman. She doesn't just help you, you gives you the tools and guides you to show up and do the work for yourself. She is truthful with her words and she shares parts of her life that help you feel connected. Her intuition and energy is magical. Words can't describe how I feel about Katie Joy but until you experience her you will understand for yourself. One word I will say is Grateful. I am grateful for Katie showing up in my life and what it is leading me to.”

- Laura Trimble, Ireland

"A beautiful soul making a difference in the lives of many women around the world."

“ Katie has such a huge loving energy to share. She is willing to share her experiences, and what she has learnt to inspire us all to be the best we can. To live a life of love and light and joy!...When you choose to do Katie's programs it will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself!”

- Wendy Johnson, Australia
Spiritual Teacher & 
A Life & Business Success Coach
I'm a spiritual life and business success coach. I help women get unstuck, reconnect with their intuition and harness their personal power to fully show up in the world as the bright energy of love and light that they are. I encourage and support them to offer their magnificent gifts to the world. 
Are you ready for radical and transformational change in your life and business?

Do you have a desire to awaken every part of your Heart, Mind and Soul to ignite your life and business?

Are you willing to step into the HIGHEST version of yourself and live your Soul's Purpose?
If you're ready to LIVE your higher purpose, break through beliefs that do not serve you, align  your vision, values and goals with your highest intention to design your life, live your dreams experiencing joy every single day, let's work together!

I facilitate an increase in your vibration, so that you can become a vibrational match to healing and manifesting more of what you heart truly desires!

Viruses, bacterias and diseases cannot survive in a high vibrational environment. Nor can doubt, fear, worry or any negative imprint.

Just know... that it's imperative that you take the responsibility to do the inner work... 

That can be scary, right!?!
I have your back, front and sides, above and below! I got you!
Setting a clear intention to raise the quality of your life, and your frequency to match it can feel overwhelming, uncomfortable, and even alarming... 

But don't let fear blind you, or steal from you your dream. I've been there, and get you.
Your awakening is always on the other side of your resistance. Let me guide you into aligning your soul's highest purpose with the goals you desire to create for yourself. Together, we'll dive deeper into your energy field, balance beliefs to support you, get you clear and focused on what you are designing for your life, create a workable plan for your goals, all along fully supporting and guiding you to experience the freedom, fulfilment and joy that you desire and deserve! We've got this Soul Sister! I can help you!

I literally have helped hundreds of women through my process, to successfully leap into their best and highest version of themselves, empowering them to create emotional and energetic mastery, to design their life, live their dreams.
I'm trained in the "School of Hard Knocks," having been through tremendous life experiences (The Dark Night of the Soul). I'm an Awakened Empath (utilising my gifts of "seeing" and "knowing"). I'm also an ex-Paramedic and personal trainer...  along with my life-time fascination in the mind and the body, I'm trained and equipped with tools such as: NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Psych-K Facilitator, Demartini "Breakthrough" Facilitator and Online Business Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor to many!

I've also built 2 multiple 6-figure income location independent businesses from the ground up (and even from the burning ashes, like the phoenix rising from the flames, after some seriously traumatic life events that challenged the heck out of me) - which means I own my time and space to dedicate my energy to the creative projects I am passionate about... 

Which is why....

I'm dedicated to helping YOU dear Soul Sister, completely transform your relationship you have with yourself, your life and your business - so you can start designing your life, living your dreams, instead of always feeling like you're stuck because of a lack of clarity about what you want, or you're so busy helping someone else build their ideal life!

If you feel like other people or events or life circumstances control your life, I get it. I've been there.

If you are struggling to currently love your life or business, I get it. I've been there.

You deserve to feel like an Awakened Woman and have the FREEDOM to consciously create and design the life you want to live. 

Yes, you reading this.

Not when you have your life and business in flow, with all the ideal outcomes.

Not when you've got "the perfect life" or "the perfect business."

Click The Videos To Hear What Client's Say...
Marcia Miatke - Australia
Aimee Hanson - USA
Florida, USA
"It's just so incredible how she (Katie) just continues to find another layer to peel back and heal so that record can be changed going forward. I feel so much lighter, and more balanced I guess would be a really good word to say. Since I had that interaction with her last night and the realisation that there was still something from my past that I had not completely healed from so it was just something else that I need to work on going forward. And if I had not had that balance call it would have taken me so much longer to figure that out. Thank you Katie!" 
~Sonya Springer (Florida USA)~
Sonya Springer
Florida, USA
From Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania USA
Oh my goodness! Katie, there was so much great information, and great support in getting started in so many areas of life. I mean, the goals that I set was one was for my health, one was for organising my house, and another was to create another stream of income and you've given me all the tools to be able to do those things. So, this was probably some of the best money I've ever spent!

Life is certainly going to get in the way, and it doesn't happen perfectly, but the bottom line is that I'm not the same person today than I was when I first went in to that Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams Program then decided to level-up if you will, to this Massive Momentum Mentoring Program. 

It's been wonderful! You've been awesome. You have skills that astonish me at times! And you've really helped me to move along in this process of transformation. So THANK YOU!

[To anyone considering Katie's programs] What I would say is, put the committee to bed for once and take the leap of faith! You know that committee? I used to call it the "itty-bitty-shitty-committee!"
Teresa Velardi
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania USA
No Stopping me now!

My experience with Katie Joy has been extremely rewarding. I have moved from a space of feeling blocked to a place of anything is possible again. I have learnt to love and not make judgement on myself. 

My biggest aha moment was to practice imperfect action in every area of my life. Soon after I stopped trying to be perfect I felt a surge of motivation. 

I haven't experienced this motivation or excitement about me and my future, in my personal and business life since I was younger, when we had just got married and I was setting up my first little business back in 1998. Anything back then was possible for me, there was nothing that I couldn't achieve. 

Now, I really understand how patterns of behaviour can affect our progress in life and that they can either keep us locked into a hum drum way of living or we can seize the "good stuff" and really grow from it. How we do anything is how we do everything!

I highly recommend Katie Joy "The Global Butterfly" if you just know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing, if you participate fully in the courses, apply the concepts and use the massive amount of resources Katie shares, there will be no stopping you. 
Jemma Lang
Impossible to exaggerate just how powerful this course [Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams (The Awakened Woman Program)] is - you're guaranteed to come away with a new perspective on your life, new tools for getting stuff done and creating opportunities, and you'll have had a lot of laughs along the way. Not to be missed, truly...
Eugenie Verney
Ascot, England
I was referred to Katie's 5 Day challenge by my cousin Louise and the whole experience was amazing. I felt calm and relaxed then I ever was and it got me thinking in a whole new way. I am a person who is my worst critic and with Katie's help from our one to one balance call I am unlocking new programmes for me and releasing old patterns. The work Katie does is beautiful and I have never experienced anything like it. I am on the road to a better me. Thank you Katie.
Laura Trimble
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

Katie is an insightful and gracious teacher, a giver of wisdom and a true goddess in her power. A gifted angel of "knowing." She has an amazing ability to give to the group that she is holding exactly what they need to hear! A truly mind blowing, spiritual altering experience! Keep being you Katie, you're amazing on so many levels. I am grateful that our energies have connected and I get to watch, share and learn from all your knowledge and wisdom. Namaste
Michelle Beasley
I initially spoke with Katie when I was feeling frustrated about my coaching business not getting results I knew I was capable of. I wanted to start leveraging my time and doing one to many work, instead of one to one. 

However I wasn't sure what to do. There was information overload when I searched online and nothing seemed to fit. Katie invited me to join her "Design your Life, Live Your Dreams" Program to see what's possible. 

During this program [and 1:1 coaching] I was given the framework I needed to create something pretty special. I'm only on my second round and already have over 70 participants registered - and that's without advertising!

This absolutely exceeded my expectations. However the best part is that I'm now reaching my target audience in a way that feels authentic. I know I'm on the right path as I've witnessed huge transformations with the participants in my group. 

Although it's still early days I am confident that this structure is the key that I was searching for. 

Thank you Katie for helping me to help others. xxx
Donna Preedy
Katie is excellent at what she does. I have done the 5 day challenge and had amazing results. You will be blown away by what Katie teaches.
Louise Trimble O'Conner
Carlow, Ireland
From SPAIN...
I have just completed my 2nd 5 Day Challenge with Katie Joy. Prior to this I had my first balance call. She has guided me from a complete unmotivated mess not being able to function on a day to day basis in the 'normal' sense of the word, to believing that improvement IS possible and that I have the power to change the downward spiral that I was on. I signed up for the 16 week next level training straight after the 1st 5 Days, and because of this am benefiting from the early bird bonuses, which have been like stepping stones supporting me each day.
Kathy Hector
From USA...
I am launching a business, and Katie has come at the exact right time for me! I want to make sure I'm not self-sabotaging and that I am generating my business from a place of love with the intent to change lives. Katie has helped me to set myself on this path through energy realignment and making sure I'm saying the right things to myself. I recommend any of her offerings; you get such a life changing value from what she does.
Denise Slavinski
From USA...
Katie has a way of speaking to your heart. She is very authentic and makes you feel so very comfortable. She has a lovely way of opening up your past and sometimes without even realising it, helping you to go very very deep to experience lots of "ah-ha!" moments lighting the pathway for us!
Angela Corley Willis
Fort Worth, Texas USA
A Little About...
Katie Joy is an international spiritual teacher, energy healer and online business and marketing Light Leader who has been published in international books including "Adventures In Manifesting: Success And Spirituality" and "Nothing But Net."

She helps rising Heart-centred and Soul-inspired Soulseekers and Soulpreneurs to align their goals with their deepest soul calling to create success in alignment with spiritual fulfilment, to reclaim their energy, create an ecosystem of support and build their personal or entrepreneurial empire so they can experience emotional and financial freedom. 

Katie has been a globe-trotter since she was 16. She has been mentored by masters world-wide and after retiring as a Paramedic, then taking a 4-year sabbatical (to travel the world of course) she fully launched her coaching business in 2016. Less than two years later, she has a thriving empire... running retreats in Bali, is the founder of "The Awakened Woman Program" and "Soul Goal Academy" and mentors clients privately in her "Quantum Leap Mentoring" program... She has now built a thriving multiple-6-figure business.

Currently living in Perth, she is now rocking her world as a Soul Goal Activator with ease and grace, and empowering others how to design their life, live their dreams too...

Katie has a loyal community of over 19,000 soul sisters who follow her closely to see what she will inspire them with next... as she helps them nourish their soul, nurture their dreams and navigate their goals into reality...
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