The Energised Soul Experience
~ BASIC Spiritual First Aid For The Soul ~
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Hi Dear Soul Friend,

Are you sick and tired of working SO DAMN HARD on your mindset, your energy, your health and well-being and still not feeling balanced, calm or clear about what positive action will ACTUALLY make you feel better... more consistently than not?

Do you frequently go into 'hermit mode' to protect your energy because you don't think others will understand your sensitivity, or are you on the edge of burnout from giving so much of your energy to others, at the cost of your own self and sanity?

Have you tried other personal development programs or modalities of healing, maybe even been to a psychic or therapist ...and you haven't got the results you're looking for... yet?

Or maybe you have your energy reasonably balanced and regulated, but now you want to learn HOW teach it to others so you can help those you love and care for.

Then Tune In... To My Alternative 'Soul'ution...

I’m expanding with a new and updated experiment with my November Training. I’ve realised there is an IMPORTANT foundational step to learn and master, and I look forward to teaching this. I am excited who will answer this call.

This is a wonderful training for you to learn the tools to equip yourself when you have been 'bumped' out of balance in life, whether that is from the trauma of a death, divorce, or disaster, this FOUNDATIONAL Spiritual First Aid Kit and Training will help to restore you to calm, peace and joy. 
This is like a Spiritual First Aid Kit (And Training) to restore your energy and balance, so that you can feel good, and consciously create from a state of rest, reassurance and re-alignment.
This is especially for you if you currently experience:
  • A persistent emotional, physical or mental pain that is difficult to shake, even though you are taking positive action for feeling better.
  • ​Confusion or lack of clarity about your life direction
  • Feel stuck about WHICH next step to take
  • Maybe you have an idea for your next step but hesitate or procrastinate from taking action out of fear of it being the wrong one for you. 
  • Or, you’re on the edge of burn out (or in it) from doing TOO much 
  • ​An annoying belief that you keep trying to shake, that to get what you want is “hard work and a struggle,” and you want to shift that to understanding (and implementing) how to use effort and ease to be in flow.
  • ​Low energy more often than not, and you want your zest back with a pep in your step!
  • Or you identify as a healer, intuitive, empath, light-worker or miracle worker and would like to discover how to use my system with in "The Energised Soul Experience" for energy balance and healing to add to your tool kit to help your own clients.
Are YOU Ready To Harness & Master Your POWER?
The Energised Soul Experience HOME STUDY OPTION 
is a 6 week self-paced training 
for you to access for a lifetime
It's NEW! 
Well, new in that I am unpacking many of my processes 
for you in a way to master these skills, 
so that you can use them for life!
Because it's NEW, 
take advantage now of the pre-launch offer
11:11 Special 
You will:
  • Reclaim your energy
  • Learn how to harness it
  • Receive tools and training to HOLD your power
  • ​Understand how and when to use these energy tools to balance your energy and for healing.
So that you can…
  • Feel good
  • Raise your frequency
  • Think clearly
  • ​Know what you want
  • ​Feel confident creating a clear vision of what you want for your life and career/business
  • ​Create a clear intention for your next steps
  • ​And trust yourself to go for it! 
Who This Is For...

These spots are for Soul Seekers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Empaths, Miracle Workers, Healers, Coaches, Creatives, Or a person experiencing an internal nudge letting you KNOW there is so much more for you to discover about your Soul, your Life-force, and your Soul purpose on this earth, and you know need all your energy to joyfully live it out! 

Rather than focusing on your “goal strategy,” for healing or to bring your personal or professional dream to life, we focus on harnessing your power, energetic alignment, awakening your intuition and psychic ability, and raising your vibrational frequency so that you can BE IN SOUL ALIGNMENT, and advance your creative and healing skills for clear intentional ability to manifest abundance in any and all areas of your life.

You will discover how to use your intuitive/empathic/psychic gifts to:
  • Call all parts of your Soul back, from anyone you have given fragments of yourself, or who have taken it from you, so you feel whole, connected and free to be you.
  • ​Tap into Source and Infinite Wisdom for information to guide YOUR Soul forward.
  • ​Embrace Spiritual Security Practices: for your spiritual well-being and advancement
  • ​Psychically call in all the people and resources aligned with your vision for your life and business into your energetic network
  • Release the energetic ‘weight’ that has been holding you back, so that you instantly increase your innate value for what you offer to the world - whether that is a product, service or program to your ideal clients, or if you work for someone else to also step into your full power to utilise your innate soul gifts, doing what you love.
  • Stand in your full birth right of love, light and leadership to not only LIVE, but fully express your loving truth - no longer affected by what other people think, do or say. 
  • ​Lean in to trust yourself to set clear intentions, supported with high vibe loving energy, and to follow through with intuitive action. 
  • ​Experience more JOY in your day to day journey. 
  • ​Allow yourself to be more open and vulnerable to be guided in the moment, by your intuition and Higher Self.

As a human collective, we are only just waking up to the enormous potential of what we are capable of. 

You will be stepping into your full power, and using your soul gifts to directly set your intentions and create a program in the matrix for balance, healing, and creating our ideal vision and reality (quantum jumping into the reality where it already exists).  

This will be a SELF-PACED experience, supported with the opportunity to upgrade with individual sessions with me if you choose to. You will have the opportunity to book private sessions with me at a special rate inside the members area. 

This training will give you the opportunity to expand and experience your magic and tap into a new way of reclaiming your energy, hold your power, and activating your vision for your soul goals and gifts. 

I’m doing something special pre-christmas to prepare you to step into 2020 with a highest vibe activation, aligned with your Soul’s calling and ready to activate your dreams into reality!

Here's What You Get In The Home study Program :
  • The 6 week “The Energised Soul Experience” (created as we go along + lifetime access when it’s released) $888 Value
  • Your Energy Activation Toolkit™ - 12 Energy Tools I use regularly to help you shift your energetic frequency from fear and lack into love and abundance, fast! - $267 Value
  • ​Members Area to access all your tools and training
  • PRE-START BONUS #1: “The Energy of You” Audio - Value $97
  • ​PRE-START BONUS #2: “The Energy Of Money: And Why It’s So Important To You In This World” 90-min Audio - Value $97
  • ​Beta-Test Completion Survey: Success & Feedback Form to share your results, review and testimonial
What's Included In Your Energy Activation Toolkit™?
  • Muscle Testing Tool
  • ​Cord Grounding Tool
  • Blow a Golden Love Bubble Tool
  • Identify Energy Ownership Tool
  • Heart Activation Tool
  • ​Goal Activation Tool
  • ​Intuition Activation Tool
  • ​Advisory Board of Councillors Tool
  • ​Healing Circle of White Light Tool
  • ​Energy Security Activation Tool
  • ​Energy Cord Cutting Tool
  • ​VAK To The Future Tool
  • ​BONUS Magic Memory Stacking Tool
  • ​BONUS Morning Meditation 
  • ​BONUS Night Time Meditation
HOME-STUDY OPTION Total Value: $1,349
How To Get Started...
Click the sign up button below or scroll down to the bottom of this page, and pick your preferred option (pay in full and save $70 or choose the two-pay payment plan) to get started now. As soon as you register and pay you will be taken to a confirmation page with a welcome video and instructions how to access to your members area. 

So if this resonates with you... ACT FAST, don't hesitate!
The Energised Soul Experience 
Home Study 11:11 Special: $397 
(save $286)
*All prices are in USD
...Please note, once we officially launch this Home-Study program will be $397 to access...
Who This Coaching Is NOT For
  • If you are not ready to take action
  • ​​If your are not committed to your best health and highest well-being
  • ​​If you're not serious about transforming, but this is for you if you are...
With Who This Is For, And Not For,Now Clear...

Is your Soul calling you to take a leap into this? - Are you listening to your Soul?

I look forward to nurturing and nourishing you, through this Soul Awakening experience!

Love, Light & Manifesting Magic!

Xx Katie

Feel your Soul deeply immersed in love, light and nourishing energy for healing
About Katie Joy
I’m a spiritual life and business success coach. I help women get unstuck, reconnect with their intuition and harness their personal power to fully show up in the world as the bright energy of love and light that they are. 

​I'm 44 years young, financially independent, a single-parent with a passion for helping women create freedom - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. 

My role is to encourage and support you to offer your magnificent gifts to the world.
  • ​Are you ready for radical and transformational change in your life and business? 
  • ​​Do you have a desire to awaken and heal every part of your Heart, Mind and Soul to ignite your life and business or career?
  • ​​Are you willing to step into the HIGHEST version of yourself and live your Soul's Purpose?
If you're ready to LIVE your higher purpose, break through beliefs that do not serve you, align your vision, values and goals with your highest intention to design your life, live your dreams experiencing joy every single day, let's work together!

Start by gaining access now to this FREE 10-Part Video Series Training to uncover the 10 secrets to finding your balance, heal your life & feel good fast!

A Bit Of Background

  • ​7 Years in the fitness industry as an Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer & teaching Personal Development For Fitness Instructors.
  • ​8 Years in the Western Australian ambulance service as a Patient Transport Officer, then Paramedic, and training volunteers in first aid and emergency para-medicine skills for the service.
  • ​Extra studies in Psychology, Critical Care Para-medicine and Chiropractic Care. What that means FOR YOU, is I have a broad and deep knowledge of the human body to help you understand the practical manifestation of the world of energy.
  • ​Married and divorced twice. Getting BOTH men out of debt and learned to build financial wealth over (and over) again from scratch. I am a pro at understanding and teaching the energy frequency and financial patterns for prosperity and abundance, so you don't have to keep making the same mistakes!
  • ​10+ Years learning, investing and building a positive cashflow property portfolio that enabled me to travel the world with financial freedom, allowing me to work creatively for my company since 2008. 
  • Travelled the world 4 years full time from 2008 - 2012 to 7 continents and 58 countries (some multiple times) learning from some of the world's best mentors and trainers in all modalities of life, business, social media management, internet marketing and investing.... During that time, and other years of travel and learning, I've invested over $500,000 in my training, that integrated with my own experience is a POWERFUL combination for you to tap into.
  • ​Have experienced Narcissistic abuse (and sociopathic/psychopathic behaviour) both professionally and personally and now KNOW ALL THE PATTERNS to heal to stop attracting that... and I show you how to heal those patterns of attraction within you too. 
  • ​Am trained and certified in Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy, Advanced Psych-K™, Oneness Deeksha Levels 1 & 2,  Demartini Breakthrough Method, Shamanic Healing, Akashic record reading and so much more...
  • ​Am an AWAKENED EMPATH, meaning I have mastered my ability to use my psychic gifts to HELP YOU. 
  • ​My Soul CALLING is to help to awaken, heal and manifest love, joy and abundance in my life and in every person I touch with my energetic soul-print.
You Have More Questions? Great... I Have Answers!
What happens next, after I pay for the HOME STUDY training?
You will be directed to a confirmation page where you get immediate access to log in to your membership area, where inside you will have immediate access to your BONUS pre-start audios.
Can I Upgrade To Include Private 1:1 Calls With You Katie?
Yes, you will get a special member rate inside the members area.
If I Upgrade, What Can I Expect With The Private 1:1 Calls With You Katie?
The experience is unique for everyone, but the commonality is an IMMEDIATE shift in energy - feeling clearer, lighter, peaceful, grounded, calm, centred, balanced, focused, even inspired into immediate action. 

I am a 'seer' with many psychic gifts activated (which I believe is available for everyone when you tune in, clear up the emotional clutter, and practice your psychic skills and ability to discern energy). 

With what comes through me in the energy field during our calls, I LIGHT UP WHAT YOU NEED TO BECOME AWARE OF mostly by asking you guided questions so you can find the solution for yourself, or sometimes am direct and let you know through 'validation hooks' where you have energy blocks from old trauma. (Validation hooks are information only you would know and you know I couldn't have possibly known because you haven't told me or shared with others who could have told me. These 'Validation Hooks' are the resistance breakers so you can receive the energy balance and healing). 

The process is ALWAYS gentle, loving, kind, and in the sacred frequency of LOVE. I guarantee you will have a safe experience, awakening and healing your heart, mind and activating your Soul's truth to be more visible to you for clarity, direction, and purpose. 
How Much Time Will I Need To Allocate Each Week For The Course Content?
You will want to allocate about 15-30 minutes a day for the training and implementation (often it's at the same time). 
This training is very different to many of my other programs which are more in depth. This is more of a SHORT (mostly) daily training each day (5-30 minutes maximum with the average daily training 10-15 mins). It is about you BEING not so much as THINKING. Many of the tools will be meditations or guided thought processes. You click play, listen and relax to sooth your body, mind, and soul into a healing frequency.
How Is The Training Delivered?
You will have access to an exclusive members area where each training will be unlocked each week for you to access. There will be regular emails and notifications to alert you the training is available for you to access. 
I Know This Offer Is AMAZING For The Full Price. I Need To Get Some Cash Together, So Do You Have A Payment Plan?
Thank you! And Yes... You can get started today with a two-payment option. You make a $77 payment today and in 30-days you will be automatically charged the second payment for $77. Simply select "The Energised Soul Experience Two-Pay Plan" option in the order box below... 
Is This Backed With A Refund Guarantee?
You have a 30-day money back guarantee. In the very rare chance you do not absolutely love this experience with 100% soul-satisfaction, we will refund you your money back upon clarifying your experience with a written email why, and blessed forward with love.
Feel your Soul deeply immersed in love, light and nourishing energy for healing for your full Soul-Satisfaction, or get your money back!
You have a 30-day money back guarantee. In the very rare chance you do not absolutely love this experience with 100% soul-satisfaction, we will refund you your money back upon clarifying your experience with a written email why, and blessed forward with love.

What Clients Say...

“She [Katie Joy] is the best kind of alien from the Planet Love."

“She talks to herself in the funniest way when doing 1:1 balances and her memory, or access to what’s in that mind of hers/universal knowing, is really f***ing amazing - the way she stacks things! she obviously knows and lives what she teaches - its the water she swims in .. the air that fills her lungs. SHE WALKS HER TALK.”

- Aimee Hanson, USA

"[Katie] doesn't just help you, you gives you the tools and guides you to show up and do the work for yourself. ."

“My experience of Katie Joy is she is wonder woman. She doesn't just help you, you gives you the tools and guides you to show up and do the work for yourself. She is truthful with her words and she shares parts of her life that help you feel connected. Her intuition and energy is magical. Words can't describe how I feel about Katie Joy but until you experience her you will understand for yourself. One word I will say is Grateful. I am grateful for Katie showing up in my life and what it is leading me to.”

- Laura Trimble, Ireland

“My experience of you Katie is one of gratitude and honour. ."

 "Thank you my sister. You are an inspiration and I love you immeasurably. Thank you for helping me on my path to fulfil my mission here on earth, to soar like an eagle, be me, be of service to self and others in love light and peace.

- Jordene Sydney, New Zealand

"A beautiful soul making a difference in the lives of many women around the world."

“ Katie has such a huge loving energy to share. She is willing to share her experiences, and what she has learnt to inspire us all to be the best we can. To live a life of love and light and joy!...When you choose to do Katie's programs it will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself!”

- Wendy Johnson, Australia

“What she delivers is always over my expectations."

"She makes us feel special. She knows how to make an impact.”

- Päivi Pätsi, Finland

"I am so much clearer in my way forward..."

"I am so much clearer in my way forward, for me, AND this is going to help not just me but the amazing people that I am going to help in THEIR journey. Sending you immense gratitude your way for this."

- Kathy Hector, Spain
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