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About Katie Joy
I’m a spiritual life and business success coach. I help women get unstuck, reconnect with their intuition and harness their personal power to fully show up in the world as the bright energy of love and light that they are. 

​I'm 44 years young, financially independent, a single-parent with a passion for helping women create freedom - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. 

My role is to encourage and support you to offer your magnificent gifts to the world.
  • ​Are you ready for radical and transformational change in your life and business? 
  • ​​Do you have a desire to awaken and heal every part of your Heart, Mind and Soul to ignite your life and business or career?
  • ​​Are you willing to step into the HIGHEST version of yourself and live your Soul's Purpose?
If you're ready to LIVE your higher purpose, break through beliefs that do not serve you, align your vision, values and goals with your highest intention to design your life, live your dreams experiencing joy every single day, let's work together!

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A Bit Of Background

  • ​7 Years in the fitness industry as an Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer & teaching Personal Development For Fitness Instructors.
  • ​8 Years in the Western Australian ambulance service as a Patient Transport Officer, then Paramedic, and training volunteers in first aid and emergency para-medicine skills for the service.
  • ​Extra studies in Psychology, Critical Care Para-medicine and Chiropractic Care. What that means FOR YOU, is I have a broad and deep knowledge of the human body to help you understand the practical manifestation of the world of energy.
  • ​Married and divorced twice. Getting BOTH men out of debt and learned to build financial wealth over (and over) again from scratch. I am a pro at understanding and teaching the energy frequency and financial patterns for prosperity and abundance, so you don't have to keep making the same mistakes!
  • ​10+ Years learning, investing and building a positive cashflow property portfolio that enabled me to travel the world with financial freedom, allowing me to work creatively for my company since 2008. 
  • Travelled the world 4 years full time from 2008 - 2012 to 7 continents and 58 countries (some multiple times) learning from some of the world's best mentors and trainers in all modalities of life, business, social media management, internet marketing and investing.... During that time, and other years of travel and learning, I've invested over $500,000 in my training, that integrated with my own experience is a POWERFUL combination for you to tap into.
  • ​Have experienced Narcissistic abuse (and sociopathic/psychopathic behaviour) both professionally and personally and now KNOW ALL THE PATTERNS to heal to stop attracting that... and I show you how to heal those patterns of attraction within you too. 
  • ​Am trained and certified in Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy, Advanced Psych-K™, Oneness Deeksha Levels 1 & 2,  Demartini Breakthrough Method, Shamanic Healing, Akashic record reading and so much more...
  • ​Am an AWAKENED EMPATH, meaning I have mastered my ability to use my psychic gifts to HELP YOU. 
  • ​My Soul CALLING is to help to awaken, heal and manifest love, joy and abundance in my life and in every person I touch with my energetic soul-print.
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