Are you ready
for a Quantum Jump in Conscious Manifestation?
Welcome to the Step by Step Roadmap to Harness & Master Your Energy So That You Can 
Manifest at Warp Speed More Of What You Desire 
Without Being Stuck In Fear, Overwhelm or Self Doubt!

Are you ready
for a Quantum Jump in Conscious Manifestation?
Welcome to the Step by Step Roadmap to Harness & Master Your Energy So That You Can 
Manifest at Warp Speed More Of What You Desire 
Without Being Stuck In Fear, Overwhelm or Self Doubt!

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The Awakened Woman Program
A sacred circle with experienced energy and goal activation mentorship, results-driven accountability, personalised coaching support, training on-demand, and a community of heart-centred, soul-driven women focused on creating and living their best lives!
The Awakened Woman Program is NOT a ‘do it once’ to ‘know what to do’ program without implementing, and using this ‘Spiritual Gym’ to your best advantage. In fact, if you are looking for another course to purchase and collect virtual dust on your computer, expecting results without doing the inner work to create a new experience - this is not for you.
This IS for you if you are:
  • A soul-seeker looking for a deeper connection with Source and how to master your energy to consciously create
  • A Spiritual-Entrepreneur with a service-based or coaching business who needs a mentor to connect the dots of understanding yourself and your clients, expand your capacity to hold space and support others and the desire to take your business to the next level with these energy techniques
  • A Miracle worker, a healer, and you are burning out sharing your energy with others but at the cost of your own self and your dreams
  • ​A woman who is awakening and simply wants to create a more meaningful life
The Awakened Woman Program Group Coaching option is perfect for someone desiring:
  • Access to Katie’s input whenever you need it so you feel confident moving forward faster, clear on what’s holding you back, always know your next step and able to make a shift from overthinking and confusion to clarity and direction faster than ever.
  • A mentor who walks their talk and holds the reality of healing herself with these exact same energy techniques, as well as others, and manifesting her own dreams such as an incredible 6-figure online coaching and healing business working on her own time while single-parenting, creating and hosting Bali Soul Sister Retreats with her clients, selling out programs and online, crafting her days to enjoy lots of time in nature - including hiking, walking on the beach, and travel overseas. 
  • Unique tailored to you energetic shifts and manifesting ideas from someone who KNOWS YOU and knows what it takes to get out of ‘the dark’ and ‘into the light’.
  • ​A sacred space to explore and identify the root cause of your struggles and build self awareness around your patterns and understanding the programs you have been operating from so you can shift your results for good
  • ​Uncovering not the right way to manifest your dreams, but your unique way that will be meaningful, enjoyable and sustainable long term. Yes, you can and will experience more love, joy and abundance!
  • ​To defy the odds and get big, life changing results - Katie’s previous private clients have done things like start their own lifestyle businesses that support them financially while living their passion, manifest $30,000 pay raises, move to their ideal location to live, negotiate and secure a 20% increase in their job income (5-figures a year more!), experience spontaneous healings from long term pain, attract the opportunity to go on their dream travel adventure in months, not years! And so much more…  
What You Get
The Awakened Woman Program
Access to The Awakened Woman Program Members Portal 
(6 core modules), for self-paced access, designed to complete one module per week (and then re access anytime you like as your ‘Spiritual Gym’ to review the practical and magical tools provided to help you awaken, heal and manifest!
Private Sacred Circle 
Facebook group
6 Weeks of unlimited access to Katie and your Awakened Woman Soul Sisters in our private Sacred Circle Facebook group. Katie will be in the chat nearly daily (M-F) and can answer questions, share new mindset perspectives and energetic awareness for bigger results, point out your blocks and self limitations and give guidance on the next steps for your unique goals and how to handle challenges as they arise. 
Lifetime access to the course content
Lifetime access to The Awakened Woman Program members area
Our promise to you - We will give you all the practical and magical tools you need to define your dreams and determine your destiny with clear, energized momentum within 6 weeks or less including customised goal setting, mindset tools, energy techniques and new standards to rise up to.

I will help you create immediate results when the skills and strategies are implemented 
in accordance to the system and protocol I teach.
12-months of bonus recorded 
Group Energy Balance 
Clearing calls  
[Value $2,364]
A library of 12-months of bonus recorded Group Energy Balance Clearing calls which includes more content and clarification of content inside the modules.
Extended access to the private facebook group 
[Value Priceless]
To stay connected with your Soul Sisters along your journey, and continue to strengthen your energy techniques and goal manifesting. 

*Facebook group extended access is determined by Facebook’s terms and conditions. I cannot guarantee the continuity outside of my control. 
The Awakened Woman Manifesto 
[Value $197]
A guide for the Awakened Woman's Quality Of Life. You will be able to shed your old programs and step into your most compelling future self... saving you time, money and energy from trying to figure it out, to simply modelling and instilling these empowering beliefs.
50 Power Questions Guide to empower your mind and master your brain. 
[Value $297]
You will be able to recognise and let go of negative beliefs... and able to reprogram your mind with new empowering questions to guide your brain to work for you, not against you... so you can enjoy yourself and your life more NOW, while you manifest more of what you desire.
Energy Toolbox 
[Value $597]
4 Energy tools to get you started that will instantly help you shift negative energy, and claim your power to shape your positive future.
You will be able to use these tools to harness the energy of you... and be able to shake off your negative emotional states within minutes of using these tools, giving you more energy and time to be creative and manifest more of what you want!
30-minute Onboarding Goal Clarification Call with Katie [Value $397]
Have Katie personally connect with you and help you get super clear about your intention, have personalised direction and feel confident with excitement about your next steps with your journey. You are not alone; you are fully supported. Your success is Katie’s success. She is 100% committed to seeing your achieve your heart-connected, soul-aligned results. 

Harness and Master 
Your Energy To 
Exceed Your Goals - With A Proven System It Becomes Simple!
"Your structure and flow through this mind-blowing stuff is amazing - and gets better and better! As always I am blown away from meeting all of these amazing women - and seeing them step into their power."
"Katie - I am SO loving this course! Your structure and flow through this mind-blowing stuff is amazing - and gets better and better! As always I am blown away from meeting all of these amazing women - and seeing them step into their power. 

I am lucky enough to say I LOVE my life....

I am lucky... I am aware that 'luck' is a pattern."
Gerlinde Watson
"It's hard to put into the exact words how quickly shifts and changes have happened. What Katie has committed to delivering in her program and what actually delivers is 1000% more!"
"It's hard to put into the exact words how quickly shifts and changes have happened. What Katie has committed to delivering in her program and what actually delivers is 1000% more! I love how we all encourage each other and celebrate each of our achievements with unconditional love. I love that it's ok to be imperfect and that there is no judgement! I love how Katie and our group are so supportive. I highly recommend anyone who wants to take the steps to learn the tools and strategies to make the changes you wish for yourself in your life, and to balance your life and find your true authentic soul."
Wendy Johnson
"My life has changed so much and I am living and manifesting what my heart desires! And I have to give huge love and gratitude to her for teaching me to let go of the bulls*t, raise my vibrations and free myself of those who hold me back and I will flourish!"
"I have been mentoring with Katie Joy for the last year and a half, and recently going on a woman's retreat with her in Bali. My life has changed so much and I am living and manifesting what my heart desires! And I have to give huge love and gratitude to her for teaching me to let go of the bulls*t, raise my vibrations and free myself of those who hold me back and I will flourish!

And I am.

Thank you everyone who has helped make this possible for me. I am forever grateful!

And if I can live this, anyone can!"
Denise Humphries
What We Stand For
  • A clear, results-based approach that works WITH your Soul's Unique Calling.
  • Providing all the pieces for you to connect the dots for a greater understanding of how to create a better quality of life experience for yourself and others.
  • Long term sustainable support, not just short wins for the moment.
  • ​Timeless principles that give you back your energy and sanity while helping you manifest in Quantum Leaps!
  • A treasure trove of tools and techniques to empower you with the strategy, mindset and implementation that creates an Awakened Woman 
“Doing the program has guided me to remember my personal power by applying the daily skills and tools you give, which has changed my life!"
“Doing the program has guided me to remember my personal power by applying the daily skills and tools you give, which has changed my life! 

I have fallen in love with myself! 

I no longer attract ‘energy vampires’ because I have learned how to create a more empowering story, and now have the power to set really strict boundaries which allow me to use my energy to create more of what I want.”  
Nel Robertson
"I now have $5,000 in my own bank account I have manifested it. Yippeeeee"
"I wanted to tell you that I had written down a few months ago an amount of money $5,000 to be exact that would be in my bank account by the end of Nov. That didn't happen so I changed the date to Dec 19th the day we leave [for NZ] and I now have $5,000 in my own bank account I have manifested it. Yippeeeee and so our year of uncertainty up and downs is ending on a real high. I am so grateful for that and your inspiration."
Bernie Rutland
With immediate access to the members vault and the private facebook community along with your 
private on-boarding goal clarification call with Katie, you can't lose!
"I experienced a big drop from my head into my heart."
"[One of] my favourite parts of TAWP [The Awakened Woman Program] is Mod 1 because I experienced a big drop from my head into my heart. This did involve a big lot of noticings of some painful blockages but also I was learning the tools to start releasing them. Stuff I hadn't realized was there in such large amounts. Loved then the opportunity to reconnect with and begin focusing on my goals."
Pam Vaughn
"What was different was how to shift the energy and connect with love and light. This has made all of the difference for me."
"[What I liked best about TAWP is] The energy work along with the development. I have been in an intensive 3 year program and many of the teachings were the same. Yet, what was different was how to shift the energy and connect with love and light. This has made all of the difference for me."
Traci Scherck
"What was different was how to shift the energy and connect with love and light. This has made all of the difference for me."
"I love Module 1 Goal Clarity/Stress Balance because I feel starting out we don't know what direction we are in and it's in this first module we get a glimpse of where we would like to be. It's great to clear away any stress and dive deeper as the weeks continue"
Laura Trimble
Register today and be on your one-to-one private on-boarding call 
with Katie this week! Register by clicking below. Let's do this!
Investment in
The Awakened Woman Program
for 3 months
*All prices are in US dollars
  • 30-minute Onboarding Goal Clarification Call with Katie (Plus opportunities to book additional 1:1 energy balance sessions)
  • Lifetime Access to The Awakened Woman Program Members Portal (so you can MASTER these tools and techniques, not just learn them once)
  • Private Facebook Group (where every question is answered by Katie, plus bonus inspiring content, facebook lives and support)
  • Audios, Videos, Journals, and More (how-tos on everything you need)
  • ​Exclusive access to a bonus vault of group content calls often with spontaneous energy block clearings with the group (so you can connect more with the ladies stories and experiences in the community and have incredible life-transformative shifts too!)
  • Meditations, Energy Tools, Power Questions and a Manifesto (so you are equipped to reclaim your power!)
  • BONUS Facebook video content training for each module available inside the Facebook group and the Members Portal (that goes even deeper with golden nuggets of wisdom and different perspectives to assist with your breakthroughs!)
You can also pay-in-full and receive a 10% discount
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm not sure if now is a good time?
You will have lifetime access to all course materials and content, including all updates inside the membership. Your spiritual journey is not a race, and everyone moves at their own pace. It's also why it's such an added benefit to be able to continue in this community long after you have completed your training with the 6-weeks of modules.  It's there for you to revisit again and again to MASTER!
How quickly will I start making energy shifts and manifesting more of what I want?
First a disclaimer: Manifesting more of what you want does not mean lounging around eating Ben & Jerry's without doing any work at all. It doesn't work that way. #thereisnomagicbullet No-one can walk YOUR journey for you? 

In this program you will learn how your brain and body works, and how you have inherited a lottaaaaaaa programs that don't serve you. You will also learn key skills, strategies and be equipped with tools that assist you to re-program yourself to be empowered to manifest more great stuff and experiences, and to consciously design a life you love and live it. 

And when you have that confidence and direction it happens waaaaaaaaaaay faster. If you are ready to show up and shine, I am here to support you in guiding you back to your intuitive power and becoming the most awesome Being of Love and Light that you are to create your most desirable life possible. 
I have taken so many courses and done many self-help strategies and have nothing to show for it. Is this one going to going to make me feel like I've failed too?
I always say choose to invest in a MENTOR. Don't pick a course or coach just for a topic, pick a course because you connect with the instructor/coach and you love their approach to teaching and guiding you. I have a super focused, to-the-point, yet gentle and loving style that is designed to get you results. 

And in TAWP, this isn't just a watch it on your own program. This is a group implementation program which also co-insides with private Facebook community (a sacred Sister Circle) who will support you as much as I will.  I am 100% here with you over the 6-weeks training and continue to support you inside the Facebook Sacred Soul Sister Group way beyond the 6-weeks of your course training. 

Plus you will have a community of amazingly supportive ladies around you to draw inspiration, love, and encouragement from as well (the mastermind quality if this group is incredible!).
Are you available for any questions or guidance?
You bet! Loads of it! :-) I'll be there by your side as you go through the program during the 6-weeks, and beyond! Because you don't need support for just 4-6 weeks. You need someone there for MORE time than that. 

We have a private facebook mastermind community where myself and my team respond to Q's Monday-Friday. And we've got you covered round the clock to accomodate all our beautiful soul sisters from all over the world. And you can get a ton of support from the other members there too. All the support you need is waiting for you!
How much time will I need to dedicate each week?
The speed with which you work through the program is up to you. You can expect about 60 minutes on average each week to go through the weekly module content, plus an extra 90 minutes to watch the interaction in the group energy balance call video replays (or - surprise spoiler alert - join us live when occasional bonus calls are scheduled) plus time to do your journal work and complete the exercises for each week. 

The module content is dripped out week by week from the moment you access your members area and will be delivered over the course of 6 weeks. 
What is the refund policy?
I offer a 30 day "It Works" money back guarantee. I am 100% confident in this program and the support and how much you will love it. But in order to receive a refund you have to actually DO the work and implement the content because I can't help you if you don't take action! The Universe rewards speed and action (The Law of Action)... so do I. 

So join the program, do the worksheets and exercises and show up  to engage in the community as a commitment to yourself and if you aren't happy, submit the content to show you have completed before *30 days and I'll refund you.

*30 days commences from the day you register for this program. 
Are you available for any 1-on-1 Energy Clearings / Balance Calls and how much are they?
From time to time I open up my calendar to accomodate 1-on-1 calls. As I run several group coaching programs, these times slots are prioritised for their schedule. When I do open call availability, it's always beneficial to grab one of my packages versus a single call because you will experience greater shifts and it's more economical for you. 

When I have availability, single calls are:
15-minute balance calls are $197
30-minute balance calls are $397
How does an Energy Clearing / Balance Call work?
I'm an energy worker, and gifted with the ability to "see, hear and know" your energy field. 

When I have permission at a Soul level that it's safe and appropriate to do so for both our subconscious minds to proceed, I access your energy field and am able to discern where your energy is blocked, often identify clear causes from it, and facilitate you through a process to release that energy and disempowering belief(s) that were attached. I then help you encode your brain with new empowering beliefs to support you journey towards a higher purpose. 

This experience is possibly unlike anything you've experienced before. While I have psychic abilities I will not 'read' for you. I will guide you through a process for you to identify and OWN YOUR OWN RESULTS, so that you are empowered and becoming independent with trusting your own intuition. 

It's also very gentle and fast at the same time. Very little talking is required. When you book a call, you will be sent a pre-call questionnaire to complete online. The purpose of this is to help you identify clearly what's causing you stress, share any of your 'story' in a few sentences and to ask me any questions in advance. 

When we get on the call... I may ask you a few questions but most often I just SENSE your energy and work with you to shift the blocks... no fuss! 

The experience will blow your mind, as it has for so many of my hundreds of clients that I have already worked with in both 1-on-1 calls and group calls.
How does an Energy Clearing / Balance Call work differently in a group setting than in a 1-on-1 call?
On the occasion when these bonus (surprise) sessions are scheduled, you will get great benefit from being in the group energy clearing / balance sessions. No doubt about that! Just ask many of the ladies already in the community who have been to quite a few already! When energy is unblocked, you will feel more aligned and allow your body to balance and your energy to flow. Which means you can manifest more abundance in ALL areas of life. 

The key difference with a 1-on-1 balance versus inside a group, is it is a more tailored experience and we can go deeper with just your core beliefs to shift what's been stuck for you.

And don't be alarmed by the "short" 'time' allocated for private balance calls. Quite often the shifts occur in much less than the time allocated. On occasion, I will identify that you need a little more balancing, and will do what it takes to make sure you get the shift required for that call. 
Have other questions?! Email me anytime. Send me a private message at
Here are just a few facts from my storybook. 
1. I spent 6 years as a Personal Trainer, 8 years as a Paramedic, 3 collective years studying Psychology, Chiropractic and Critical Care Paramedicine, with further studies as a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist - which means I understand the psychology and motives behind what MOVES people to decide what they want and what action they take (or don't take) without making the experience feel inauthentic (read: authentic alignment works, and I can show you how)
2. I have experienced a series of narcissistic and abusive relationships personally and professionally - I know what it feels like to have been co-dependent (over care-taking others at the cost of my own needs) and have learned some BIG SOUL lessons and insights - read I can share all the red flags and help you understand the behaviour and reasons why you have been repeatedly attracted to the "charming" but "bad boy" ....and how to treat and love yourself better, like the Queen that you are.
3. I have travelled the world (7 continents and 58 countries), exploring and being on grand adventures - I didn't just holiday, I sought out mentors and masters world-wide to spend time and with invest in their training to learn how to think and model creating a magnificent life. I learned and implemented for myself BEFORE I started to teach.
4. I re-designed my life (multiple-times) and built a multiple 6-figure income in my first 18 months while pregnant, having a baby, traveling interstate and being a solo-parent while taking massive action to manifest my new dreams. No... not bragging. Just here to let you know manifesting what you want IS possible and pulling back the "Wizard of Oz" curtain and showing you exactly how to do it. 
5. My magical powers are in the art of communicating simple principles for complex topics (and often 'invisible' forces). I live by the KISS rule. Keep it simple, sweet-sister! I use real life and understanding universal patterns of thought and behaviour for all that I teach, and show you how to weave it easily into your life so you rapidly manifest more of your dreams. 
Now just to be clear...
There was a time... when I set my first BIG goal... but didn't understand how to create it properly... so it tanked. I feel dejected and retreated to my bedroom for months wondering what was wrong with me, that I didn't manifest it...
There was a time... when I thought I got one of my big dreams come true (getting married to my "Prince Charming") and ended up spending 6 years bolstering my ego pretending all was OK... until it was finally blatantly obvious to all that it wasn't. Not a sustainable way to live or love, nor a recipe for happiness.
There was a time... when I would stress and panic every time a bill would arrive in the mail because I didn't understand what it would take for me to appreciate the value of everything already in my life, or what it would take for me to create more financial abundance. 
Every voice inside my head taunted me saying I wasn't "good enough" or "not worthy" but I hung in there, determined. I would pick myself back up, rub my butt and keep going. (I also learned over the years to strap some rubber mat to my tooshie and bounce back quicker!
Now I consistently manifest more of what I really want with less effort (and more ease). Now my manifesting is faster than ever before. I am not special or different.... I'm just WELL PRACTICED... if I can make it happen you can too.
And I'm here to help you avoid the costly emotional, financial, and energetic mistakes I made along my manifesting journey, to show you what is battle tested and works. So you can spend more time and energy on the areas of your life you love and stop all the stressing. 
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